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  "The first authentic Pilates studio

  in East Flanders"

  Foto's: Bart Van Leuven / Frédérique Debras

MAT classes

These are a series of ground exercises that are given in small groups and in different levels. This guarantees an optimal guidance.

MAT 1 = basic level. We start from zero and the level is gradually built up during the year towards intermediate level (MAT 2). All exercises are thoroughly explained and the pace is relatively quiet.

People who wish to join later in the year for this lessons, start best with an introduction package.


MAT 2 = intermediate level. You have already completed one year MAT 1. During these lessons the pace is higher and we continue to build towards the advanced level (MAT 3).


Open Level = a mat class for people with at least one year experience in MAT 2 or higher. In this mat we use additional attributes like Triadball ™, Theraband, Arm Weights and the Magic Circle.


MAT 3 = advanced level. You have at least completed one year MAT 2 and fully master the exercises. The number of exercises will be expanded and the pace is higher than in MAT 2 or Open Level.


MAT intro = a permanent basic-introduction class for those who whish to start later on during the season. These classes take place in sets of 6, after which the MAT 1 classes can be joined.


Lunch Express = a training of half an hour during lunch for those with at least one year experience in MAT 1 or higher. Perfect for maintaining regularly your Pilates workout during your lunch break.


Private classes

All of the exercises on the exercice units and on the ground are professionally supervised and the program is tailored completely to your physical level.

Duet classes

This is a workout with two persons of the same level and one trainer. Ideal for those who love to train with their partner or friend.


This is a workout with up to three people of the same level and one trainer at your place.