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  "The first authentic Pilates studio

  in East Flanders"

CCPilates op:

  Foto's: Bart Van Leuven / Frédérique Debras

What is Pilates

A perfect balance between strength and flexibility 

The Pilates training method is named after the German Joseph H. Pilates (1880-1967). He was a passionate and brilliant man who from childhood was obsessed with health, wellbeing and uniting body and mind.

From that obsession the Pilates method is born. For over 100 years his exercises use the abdomen, lower back and buttocks as the center of power. In his training, the emphasis is on proper breathing and finding the right balance between strength and flexibility. In contrast to exercising with weights, Pilates lengthens muscles so your body is going to look longer and slimmer.  

The 6 elements of an effective training 

Pilates uses six elements: 

  1. concentration
  2. breathing
  3. working from your centre
  4. controle
  5. precision 
  6. smooth motion control.

The key is moving in a "conscious" way. So you need a mental involvement with the exercises, creating a new kind of consciousness. That way you train more efficient and you obtain better and faster results than with any other training method.